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Swell-Form Tactile Image Heater


The Swell Form Tactile Graphics machine, (formerly ZyFuse Heater), is a simple, fast and low cost method of creating stunning tactile maps, diagrams, graphics, text and more! This machine has revolutionized the process of creating tactile images for the visually impaired.

Swell-Touch Swell Paper

Creating stunning tactile graphics doesn’t need to be difficult, or take a long time. With our Swell Touch paper, you can quickly create durable graphics with varying heights, patterns, textures and colors. These graphics can be shared amongst readers over and over again. Our Swell Touch paper is recognized as the highest quality available and delivers superior results every time.

  • Safe to use with inkjets, lasers, copiers and pen
  • Stays flat, doesn't curl
  • Long life, durable surface
  • Easy to use and cost effective

A4 - 100 sheets (210 x 297 mm)        $180.00
A3 - 100 sheets (297 x 420 mm)        $290.00
AM2 - 100 sheets (11.5" x 11")           $255.00

Swell-Touch Pens


Swell Touch markers allows the user to quickly create customized tactile diagrams, artwork, charts, maps, graphs and more with the Swell Form machine and Swell Touch paper.

What makes Swell Touch markers special?
Swell Touch markers uses a specially formulated black ink that is guaranteed to work perfectly with our Swell Touch paper and Swell Form machine. The composition of the ink ensures that the raised areas are consistent in both height and texture.